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July 11, 2018
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Have We Hit the Bitcoin Bottom or will it Drop More?

Have We Hit the Bitcoin Bottom or will it Drop More

What started as an idea, slowly turned into a reality, the idea of a centralized banking system has come to an existence, and the ever-changing dogma seems inevitable. The only centralized banking system with no governing body exists today is with Crypto-currency and its lodging system stands as independent, also known as block-chain. Backed up with hashing power and overly large and sophisticated rigs with powerful graphics cards, the world has and still is, transforming to an all-digital currency world. However, sometimes, this could be the good or bad thing, depending on which country you live in and whether or not if crypto-currencies are allowed. With the diverse amount of crypto-currencies that seems to be introduced every year with a new crypto, some, like bitcoin are falling down the scale of its worth, and possible chances are that such coin could get dissolved sooner then we think, and here is why;


Understanding and knowing about the trends of bitcoin is unpredictable and there is no telling what the future hold. However, there are some methods in which could give us hints about what the future could possibly turn out to be. Since last month and until date, 7 -25-2018 the bitcoin crypto is down about 14 percent and there was a slight spike in the past few weeks, however, its sharp downfalls were quite relevant as the current situation evidently shows that bitcoin won’t be climbing up the stats anytime soon.

A few methods have been implemented to forecast the prediction of such coins value;

Bear Market can be used as a tool in order to understand the rock bottom of a coin value. If the dip is to be expected for a negative influx, then the trend of such can help us determine if there is any value left in the bear market. Secondly, it gives us hints as per where an investor ought to invest next, avoiding the loss from downturns.

However, no real tool out there can assist you with forecasting such prediction for the crypto-currency markets, as all markets cycles are natural and are dependent on value worth.

Some government officials that due to manipulations, the bitcoin value could have its numbers mixed up and the sole reason for distortion of these values may be due to such manipulations. The cause of manipulation stir-ups is mostly caused by un-verified and un-registered markets and agencies that offer mining or exchange.

A special report was provided by CNN, stating that “the price trend of BTC has been nearly identical to the fall of BTC in 2014, when it experienced an 80 percent correction from its all-time high.” The trend we’ve seen since the end of May has aligned almost exactly with predictions made by crypto-currency researcher Willy Woo and author at CoinDesk, who anticipated a slow bleed out to $5,500. “As of current, many traders see a BTC bottom at around $5, 000,” the article continues, “But… it is difficult to see BTC dropping below $5,000.”

With a current standing value of $8,419 per BTC, the most final and dead bottom we all can expect is a threshold of $5,000, however, if the trend bends even lower, there could be greater problems that lay ahead for miners, cloud miners, investors and owners of BTC.

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